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You must be familiar with Citi because this company is popular because of their financial products and services and it is available not only in America but also in the other countries. Citi is a company of multinational financial services and investment bank in America. This company was founded by the merger of banking giant Citigroup and financial conglomerate Travelers Group in 1998. The company which is headquartered in New York City is the fourth biggest bank in the United States. Citigroup has more than 200 million customers accounts and operates its business in more than 160 countries with 219,000 employees.

When you access Citicards Login, you will see that Citi offers a lot of products and services which can make your life easy such as banking, credit cards, lending, investing, business and even it will give you rewards that can make you happy by being a part of Citi. If you decide to do your banking activities with Citi, you are able to enjoy the smart technology, convenient access and also easy account management. Besides, you can also get more than just a bank account which means that you can get a package of services and benefits to meet your banking needs.

More specifically, with Citi you can open a checking account with no minimum opening deposit, deposit checks from your device, pay your bills online, settle up with friends by using payment services which is person-to-person, move money from your Citi to non- Citi accounts easily, gain access to entertainment and dining perks by using your Citi debit card with Citi Private Pass, set up balance and payment alerts, add your Citi debit card to mobile wallets, use a lot of fee-free ATMs throughout the US and also more benefits which include the chance to enroll Citi Thank You Rewards with an eligible checking package.

For credit cards products, Citi offers various cards which has different benefits and rewards in each card from low introductory APR on balance transfers to travel rewards. You are able to choose which card that is suitable with your need by comparing some Citi’s credit cards in the site of Citi. For lending products, Citi offers personal loans and lines of credit, mortgage and also home equity. Citi also allows you to invest through their investment service. Financial education and investment guidance from Citi personal wealth management can give you help to make a plan to achieve your financial goals such as preparing for college, planning for retirement, preparing for life changes, protecting your wealth and estate planning.

Personal wealth management of Citi will give you the flexibility to invest and plan on your own or with a financial advisor. You are also able to get a Citi clarity financial plan which is complimentary and customized through a financial advisors who own access to a platform which has global insights and a world-class investment. In addition, Citi will also give you insights and tools such as videos, articles and personal finance know-how to boost your financial literacy. You can visit the website of Citi first for getting more information or you can come to nearest office of Citi in your town.

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